Wednesday, May 28, 2014

74th & Broadway

Go watch Alex Tressor's documentary, 74th & Broadway. I had the best time dancing in this short film about my favorite place in the entire universe.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Holland Kitty

Maybe it's because I have a Dutch boyfriend, but lately I see so many Dutch things! There are KLM ads in the subways, I passed a girl on the street with a "Somebody in Holland Loves Me" bag, and recently turned on Sex & The City just as Carrie was on a date with a guy in an Amsterdam shirt. I randomly decided to bring my old coloring book back to NYC with me from CLE (judge me all you want, I'll always feel like a kid) and was searching for a cute page to color and of course found this! 

Sunday, May 25, 2014

101 in 1001

I've always wanted to try this 101 in 1001 days thing and I've finally had the time to create my list. I don't know if anyone actually accomplishes their entire list, but I will try my best. 
  1. Become a Rockette
  2. Spend a significant amount of time with my family…it has been too long
  3. Get certified to teach barre, Zumba or another kind of fitness class
  4. Get a legit group of girlfriends
  5. Find my sense of style beyond yoga pants and leotards
  6. Get my body into the best shape its ever been
  7. Improve my self control with food (i.e. cupcakes)
  8. Do something nice for my parents
  9. Read 15 books
  10. Have a picnic in Central Park
  11. Visit the Highline
  12. Visit the Cloisters
  13. Visit the Brooklyn Flea
  14. Visit Chelsea Market
  15. Take a cooking lesson
  16. Make 10 recipes I’ve pinned on Pinterest
  17. Make homemade buckeyes
  18. Get a lobster roll at Luke’s
  19. Go to one of those painting classes with friends…and wine
  20. Write a letter to myself to be opened in 10 years
  21. Get a magazine subscription
  22. Ride a horse
  23. Learn how to wrap presents so they don’t look a hot mess
  24. Do something with my photography like get pics printed and framed for my future home
  25. Catch up with college girlfriends (Floor 7 dancer reunion perhaps?)
  26. Go to a winery
  27. Visit the Anne Frank museum after I finish the book
  28. Be in the same place as JT for longer than we have been
  29. Learn how to do a legit french twist
  30. Make a budget and stick to it
  31. Go back to St. Thomas
  32. No complaining for 1 day
  33. Give a genuine compliment at least once per week
  34. Learn Dutch
  35. Be social media free for 1 day
  36. Have a spa day with my mom
  37. Go back to Holland
  38. See a new country in Europe
  39. Visit the place with all the windmills in Holland
  40. Live in Europe (at least for a bit!)
  41. No more roommates
  42. Have a home…a real one with a real closet (sigh…)
  43. Become involved with some kind of group…ADPi alum, Junior League, etc.
  44. Start writing a book
  45. Explore a new state
  46. Learn how to drive for real
  47. Get engaged
  48. Try the cupcake/icecream at Sprinkles
  49. RSI Summer Intensive Invitational Week
  50. Visit my Akron ADPi sisters
  51. Inspire someone to follow their dream
  52. Go back to The Greenbrier
  53. Find another Mexican restaurant as good as Si SeƱor 
  54. Carve a punkin
  55. Write a love letter
  56. Set up a retirement account (crazy!)
  57. Go to the driving range with my dad
  58. Answer the “50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind”
  59. Go on a cruise
  60. Buy a crockpot
  61. Have a lazy Sunday with JT
  62. Host a brunch
  63. Have tea at Miss Molly’s or Alice’s
  64. Catch up with Steph over Mitchell’s froyo
  65. Visit everyone at my dad’s office
  66. Get paid to dance again
  67. Get my blog views to 50,000
  68. Learn how to curl my hair so it actually looks good
  69. Don’t forget to bring my own grocery bag more than once
  70. Find a pair of jeans that fit me perfectly
  71. Have over $10,000 in savings by the end of this challenge
  72. Go to Cedar Point
  73. Surprise someone
  74. Go without coffee for 2 weeks 
  75. Grow my hair out
  76. Dye my hair blonde again
  77. Stop stress biting my nails 
  78. Get a manicure (it has been years!)
  79. Get a pedicure without apologizing for my dancer feet haha
  80. Donate old clothes
  81. Get chicken and rice at that super popular food truck by Radio City 
  82. Have a Nordstrom shopping spree (I can’t remember the last time I bought new clothes)
  83. Have a Lakewood day
  84. Go to an Indians game
  85. Bake for someone
  86. Make time for friends every week
  87. See “The Fault in Our Stars”
  88. Call my mom a little less (I’m annoying)
  89. Learn how to let go
  90. Make a slideshow or cool picture video for someone
  91. Have lunch and shop in Little Italy in Cleveland
  92. Go to Chagrin Falls
  93. Have an Akron day with Court and see her new place
  94. Get my own KitchenAid mixer (preferably in hot pink)
  95. Get my dad’s army jackets tailored
  96. Go bowling
  97. Make really good apple cider donuts
  98. Go to a farmer’s market
  99. Get a really painful sports massage, because that is all that really works for me haha
  100. Watch the sunset at the beach
  101. Become a better listener

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

CBS New York

Today I modeled New York & Company and Eva Mendes' line on CBS New York's "The Couch." Thanks to awesome stylist, Denise Caldwell, I had a blast being on the show and even ran into my Miss New York USA 2012 pageant sister, Leah. You can watch the clip here.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Easter Monday

Apparently there are 2 Easter days in Holland. We celebrated at JT's sister's place and everyone brought something tasty. I made American deviled eggs and his brother's girlfriend brought her version so we had a little contest. Both were good! We had soup, salad, mini burgers, asparagus, pigs in a blanket, tomatoes filled with cheese, banana bread, cake and a real Dutch apple pie! His mom gave us girls the sweetest gift. They are the coolest bags made with coffee bean bags. Perfect for me! By the way, the coffee in Europe is so much better than here. I brought some American candy and I think my favorite part of the day was gathering around the microwave to introduce his family to the magic of blowing up Peeps! Too funny. 


One day we got up early and caught the train to Amsterdam. We took a boat on the canal to the Rijksmuseum, passing pretty bridges, homes and boats along the way. The museum contains a famous Rembrandt painting call “Night Watch,” which can also be found in statue form at a nearby square. A highlight was taking pictures on the I Amsterdam sign with the museum in the background. We got back on the boat and sailed to the Anne Frank house, which was way too busy to visit. I’d like to read the book first anyway. We found a fry shop and had the best fries ever (covered in mayo). We also went to this sandwich shop where I tried these fried ball things stuffed with what tastes like mashed potatoes. Next up was a carnival in front of the palace. We rode the ferris wheel which had amazing views of the entire city. We also tried chocolate covered stroopwafals…OMG!! Then we hopped on a tram to another I Amsterdam sign which was in front of the opera house. His mom and sister surprised me and took me to see the Dutch National Ballet. It was incredibly sweet and absolutely gorgeous. The show was called “Dutch Doubles” and 4 pieces were performed, all very different. My favorite was a classical dance with costumes designed by Viktor & Rolf. The tutus were square! Finally, we met up with the guys and walked around the Red Light District. There were “coffee shops” everywhere advertising magic mushrooms and other things that are very illegal in the US. Crazy. The girls in the RLD were actually attractive. They are all in red lit rooms and if the curtain is closed it means they are workin hard for that $... On our way back to the train, we stopped at this place with this vending machine looking wall with hot food. We need those in the US!  I'm so happy to have had such great tour guides. I saw everything I wanted to see and more. 

Can I live here?

No coffee here : o

Tulips & Windmills

On my second day in Holland, we got up early and drove in a vintage Porsche to the Keukenhof tulip gardens. All you see are fields of color. We went inside a windmill that overlooked the fields, tried on some massive clogs, and had fresh stroopwafals (my fav!) One of my favorite things were these pictures made entirely out of flowers. After I got some fun souvenirs, we drove around in search of more colorful flower fields. Perfect place. Perfect weather. Perfect day.